A Day On the Water

Bass fishing is one of those things that's fun and good for you whether you succeed or not. This past weekend was one of those times when there was very little success. BUT...being on the water is better than not being on the water and when that water is a pristine farm pond and it's 75 degrees in Upstate South Carolina, there's very little worth complaining about.

The weather around here has been all over the place the last few weeks and we've had a good bit of rain and some colder days. The bite was sluggish and we only managed to land one Crappie but it was refreshing to be on the water with friends. 

We spent the afternoon fishing from a trolling motor powered barge and drinking cold beer in the sunshine. Tying and re-tying lures and moving from brush pile to brush pile is the best kind of work. 

There's just not much better than cranking on your favorite reel with good friends on a warm South Carolina Spring day. We'll be back for those sluggish bass in the coming weeks and I'd be willing to bet the bite will heat up just like the weather will.


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