A Note About Water Resistance

H. Goose watches are water resistant to 50 meters or 5 atmospheres of pressure.

This means our watches can tolerate normal exposure to water. Washing your hands, running through the rain, occasional submersion, humid or damp conditions, sweating, and water balloon fights will probably not damage your watch.

We did not design these watches for swimming or diving. While we have personally exposed these watches to all manner of torture including frequent submersion in lakes, rivers, oceans and bath tubs, we do not recommend that you swim in them or regularly shower in them. 

If you need a watch that can handle the heavily aquatic life, let us know and we can recommend something. We hope to develop a dedicated water watch soon.


  • Mark, the Saluda Field Watch does not have a screw down crown. We are working on a dive watch with a screw down crown and we may release a limited edition Saluda with one in the future. Sorry for the delayed response here!

  • Do your watches have screw down crowns?


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