Belt, Shoes and Watchband: Should They Match

H Goose says matching your watch band to your shoes sets you apart from the crowdIt’s a well-known Southern saying that the devil is in the details. On one hand, having a well-matched look from the watchband down to your shoes can set you apart from the rest of the crowd. On the other hand, focusing too much on the details can cause you to lose sight of the bigger picture, lose track of time when getting ready, and lose your seat on the boat or at the bar. Before you get too hung up on whether your watchband, belt and shoes should match, here are the keys if want to meet the Southern standard of style.

Formal vs Casual

Having an idea of the level of formality you’ll be stepping into can help you make the best choice in accessorizing. For example, a dress watch works in most formal situations, so go ahead and match your belt and shoes to your watch for black-tie events and weddings. Client presentations and dinner parties aren’t usually formal, but matching can be a good idea if you want to impress. As the event becomes more casual, though, so do the rules on matching. Grilling out at the lake? Just make sure you’re wearing a watch so you don’t miss dinner!  

Material Matters

This goes hand-in-hand with the first question, since certain materials are more formal than others. A good rule of thumb is to start with the material of your shoes and go from there. If your shoes are canvas, grab a watch with a canvas or nylon strap. Formal events (think black-tie affairs) mean wearing leather shoes, so your belt and watchband should follow suit. 

Gold, Silver or Bronze

This one is easier than you think. Metal watch bands, usually found on diver watches and chronographs, only need to complement the other metals you’re wearing. So, a silver watch band goes with a silver belt buckle, gold with gold, and so on. The only time you wouldn’t wear a metal band is at a formal event, where leather is the preferred material.

Mark of a Gentleman

Sometimes the company you’ll be with determines how much you should care about this. First dates and special occasions involving your spouse require more attention to detail. Match your materials and don’t skimp on the quality. It’s the mark of a Southern gentleman.   

On the flip side, if you’re spending a day on the boat with the guys, you don’t have to worry about matching. The trick is figuring out who’s apt to notice, and who’s going to appreciate your style.  

You won’t always know the best plan of action, or have the right shoes, belt or watchband to match for every occasion, and that’s okay. When in doubt, just match your H. Goose watch and focus on the fun. Simple as that.


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