What size watch do I need?

We sell two different sizes of watch heads. The watch head is the watch by itself without a band. Our sizes are 35mm and 39mm. This is a measurement of the diameter of the watch head not including the crown, or the part you use to adjust the time.

35mm is a classic and timeless men's wristwatch size. It is also suitable for a smaller wrist.

39mm is a slightly larger and more modern size. This size has more presence on the wrist and is ideal for people with larger hands or arms.

Band size is measured in length and lug width. Lug width is the distance across the end of the band where it attaches to the watch head. Our 35mm watches use 18mm lug width bands and our 39mm watches use 20mm lug width bands. Just about any bands with these lug width measurements will fit our watches.

Watch band length is determined by wrist size. Using a measuring tape, measure the distance around your wrist to determine what size band works best for you. Our stock bands are designed to accommodate the vast majority of male wrist sizes. We also offer longer bands and shorter bands as well as dedicated women's bands. Keep in mind, total watch length includes band length and watch diameter together.

If you aren't sure what will work best for your wrist, get in touch with us. We can help you make a decision and recommend some bands that will work for you. This chart is helpful in determining what watch will work for your wrist.

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  • What is the length of these watches from lug to lug?


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