Give Him a Classic Field Watch

No matter how special the occasion, most gifts seem to just come and go. Whiskey with a personalized label eventually runs out, and one of your groomsman cufflinks inevitably turns up missing. Maybe the gift best suited to stand the test of time is what we use to keep track of it in the first place. A classic field watch is perfect for those moments that make Southern life worth living.  

Commemorate 26.2

Your brother trained for a year to run the Asheville Marathon. He completely changed his lifestyle, getting up for 4am runs and foregoing many a big Southern brunch. The Blue Ridge views were breathtaking, and that “26.2” sticker looks good on the back of his Jeep now, but show him you truly admire his dedication with a classic field watch that’s built to run.  

Trophy of a Lifetime 

Ask any outdoorsman the story of their first trophy buck or bluewater slam, and you’ll get every detail from how long the shot was to every color of lure they tried before landing on the lucky one. These milestones deserve more than campfire embellishment. Celebrate the big moments of a life spent in the woods or on the water with a hardy timepiece that can take some abuse.   

Happy Birth...Day

Forget Dirty Thirty or The Big Five-Oh. The most important birthday in a man’s life isn’t his own. When a father has his first son or daughter, he immediately starts planning hunting trips and canoe excursions for two, and such a momentous occasion deserves a gift he can pass down as an heirloom. A classic field watch with understated style and a military pedigree is just what the doctor ordered.   

Celebrate the Trade-Up

Your old chop-top Bronco with the mud tires just doesn’t feel as cool with a baby seat in the back, but letting go is tough. When you’re finally ready to hand the keys over to the highest Craigslist bidder, treat yourself to a gift that’s dependable and economical. The H. Goose Saluda field watch tells the world you’ve been there, done that, and you’re ready for what’s next.  

Honor the Entrepreneur

Someone has to open up another trendsetting Southern microbrewery or write the next great American novel from a houseboat in the Everglades. A classic field watch is the quintessential graduation gift for those on the straight and narrow, but don’t forget to show some love to the black sheep in the family who takes the road less traveled. A gift that looks good on hands that aren’t afraid to get dirty could make all the difference.

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