Introducing the Field Collection

So, it’s been a while since we’ve shared some field notes. But, 238 days we are with our tails between our legs. (see what I did there). While sometimes the silence might indicate a lull in activity, let me assure you that is not the case; we have a ton to share.

 Last year, H. Goose released our sporting blanket; an arguably unrivaled product that was just a palette wetting primer for what we had in store for 2019. In addition to some new color ways for the blanket, we’re gearing up to release a collection of high quality outerwear and three of the coolest bags you’ll see this year. This collection, which became known as the Field Collection, is the product of our (well, mostly our good friend Jack’s) relentless pursuit to develop an American supply chain that can produce high-quality items that will stay in the H. Goose lineup for years to come. 

Some of the signature features you’ll find in the Field Collection are American-grown cotton, Carolina brushed flannel, water-resistant canvas & Horween leather. We’ve poured over every detail, right down to the signature horn buttons you’ll find on the Field Jacket. We’re proud of this collection and we’re really excited to debut it in just a few days. Stay tuned for the launch - we’ll keep you updated on our website and on social media. 

Our commitment to purposeful design, heirloom quality, and tremendous usability shines through in each piece of this collection. We will be showing off the goods in fine men’s stores around the South this fall and we’re working on throwing a holiday party this winter here in Greenville.

Old family hunting pictureOn a personal level, I’m proud that our Field Collection serves as proof that ‘Made In America’ works. This is new territory for H. Goose, so I want to personally thank everyone involved in making it happen: Lee, Carson, Paul, Jack M, Jack K, Darlene, Elizabeth, Michael, Jeff, John P, and others that are sure to send me angry emails after reading this. Finally, a hearty thanks to Goose for being the inspiration behind this brand, he’s a good dog. Stay in touch for some cool giveaways, holiday surprises, and a killer Spring/Summer collection coming February 2020. 

Happy Fall, 


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