Life & How to Live It

H Goose says you need to whiskey up and live the good Southern lifeIf you subscribe to the stereotypical vision of Southern life, there’s nothing in the world a rocking chair and glass of iced tea can’t fix. But while front porch relaxin’ after a long day has its place, life is what happens while you’re not just taking it easy. Southern living is better experienced than observed, so get on your horse, in your bass boat, or out on the trail and get after it.

Elevate Your Palate

Southern grub is often imitated, but rarely duplicated. Biscuits and gravy, shrimp and grits, jambalaya; each one is a storied comfort food hereabouts, and eateries from Beaumont to Biloxi know how to whip up the classics. People line up for the soul food plate lunches at Some Da Eat in Norfolk, VA (maybe it’s their commercial), and the oxtail grilled cheese for brunch at Edmond’s Oast in Charleston, which is more than just a brew pub. Elevated Southern cuisine leads to elevated Southern living.  

Whiskey Reigns Supreme

Ah, whiskey, that sweet ray of Southern sunshine. The South’s microbrew scene has exploded over the last decade (as has their marketing puns), but it’s still liquor before beer down here. Rice whiskey from Atelier Vie in New Orleans and homegrown bootlegger-style hootch from Greenville, SC's Dark Corner Distillery are putting delicate and complex regional spirits on the shelf. Combine intriguing local options with whiskey wizardry at bars like Hay Market in Louisville, and Southern living gets highly sippable.

Dress the Part

Certain tenets of Southern fashion have never gone with the wind. Before you become a citizen of South Carolina, you’re required to own a piece of white linen clothing and a pair of boat shoes, but fashion week down South keeps it fresh. Avoid sweating buckets in a stereotypical seersucker suit, and opt for sharp accents that transcend generations like old school Ray-Ban Wayfarers or a conversation piece bow tie. Complete the look with the H. Goose Saluda Field Watch, a military-grade timepiece commanding attention at the bar and in the deer camp.  

Get Outdoors

While folks up north are still in snow boots, Southern folks are already in flip-flops and ready for a cold beer and a tube trip in Orlando. Festival season in the South is 11 glorious months of oysters, German beer, indie music. If it can be done outside, Atlanta has a festival for it. Modern Southern cities are hikeable, bikeable and even kayakable if you’re up for adventure in the Bayou City. Or, take a page from H. Goose founder Harris Quinn’s choose-your-own-adventure playbook and chart your own course.


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