New Product: The H. Goose Sporting Blanket

At the dawn of the 20th century, the textile industry in South Carolina was booming. Greenville, located at the foot of the Blue Ridge mountains, was known as the textile center of the South. South Carolina was, for decades, a leading exporter of textile products on the world stage.

The Great Depression and the Second World War forever altered the manufacturing landscape of the South and by the beginning of the 21st century many of the old mills had closed down. Today it’s more common to see these magnificent old buildings converted into loft apartments than spinning and weaving cotton.

But there are a few mills still spinning, still weaving, and still producing wonderful materials out of American grown cotton. We worked with some close friends who remember when textiles were the lifeblood of the South, to develop our own high quality canvas and flannel, spun and woven right here in South Carolina. Our Sporting Blanket isn’t just a true American product, it’s a true product of the South.

This blanket was completely produced within driving distance of Greenville, SC. We intend to keep it that way. The outer canvas layer is 100% cotton and has a durable water resistant finish. The inside is also 100% cotton and is treated so it is soft and smooth.

We hope you enjoy using this fine Sporting Blanket as much as we enjoyed making it.

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