Ostrich and Crocodile!!! The last of the first run...

We're down to our last few 39mm watches from our first run. It looks like we will be restocked by the 4th of July, but for now, check out these last few white dial 39mm Saluda Field Watches with dark brown Crocodile bands. These are really nice and have some of the nicest texture we've seen recently. These are available for $245 through our Instagram account. Send us a DM there (or an email, harris@hgoose.com) and if we still have them, we'll hook you up with one. Looks like as of this writing we have 4 left.

We also have a limited supply of these beautiful and durable Ostrich skin bands for our 35mm watches. We're offering these on either a black dial or white dial model but only in 35mm. Ostrich skin is very supple but also very durable and it looks great! These are $220 and available through Instagram (or via email, harris@hgoose.com) while they last.

Once these are sold out we will likely only have 35mm black dial models on NATO straps and canvas bands until early July. We've made a few really cool changes to the watches for round 2 so stay tuned for that. Get one of these first run Saluda Field Watches while you can. Potential collector's item one day? We hope so!

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