Precision Timekeeping: D-Day - Today

Winning World War II required rapid advancements in technology and design, and the dedication to these advancements had to match commitment on the battlefield for final victory to be achieved. The A-11 watch is an enduring result of that dedication.

During the largest and most complex war ever fought, the requirement for accurate timekeeping for thousands of men in multiple time zones created the need for a field watch superior to anything that had gone before. They needed a watch that was accurate, durable, easy to read and comfortable to wear.  

The A-11 Watch Won the War

Throughout history, the improvement of timepieces has always been linked to the military, and it was during the First World War soldiers began wearing wristwatches on a large scale. The expansion of this trend during WWII was marked most significantly by mass production of the A-11 watch, which is widely referred to in both military history and timekeeping tradition as "the watch that won World War II." The revered American companies Bulova, Elgin, and Waltham produced the watches, which were relied upon by millions of Allied military personnel. These hardy field watches were resistant to water, dust, and extreme temperatures, and had black dials with bright numbers making them easy to read in combat conditions.  

Synchronization on a Military Scale

A second major element of the A-11 watches was the hack feature, which allowed the second hand to be stopped by pulling out the crown. The time could then be set to the exact second, which allowed squads of troops to accurately synchronize their watches for the first time. This, of course, was crucial for military operations, especially large-scale initiatives like D-Day involving thousands of troops moving by air, land and sea on the same day.  

Today, highly accurate timekeeping continues to be vital, whether you’re running on a tight professional schedule or spending well-earned time off outdoors. The H. Goose Saluda Field Watch honors the heritage of great timepieces, remaining accurate to within 10 seconds per month while resting stylishly on the wrist in the office or on the trail. From a business lunch at noon on Friday to leisurely Saturday brunches after a morning's fishing, your Saluda Field Watch blends gracefully into any environment.

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