Princeton Pond Fishing Report #1

Spending time on the water and catching Largemouth Bass is about as American as it gets. Bass fishing is popular pretty much everywhere and can be done on big water in an expensive boat and on small ponds with a minimal amount of tackle and experience. A quiet piece of water can be restorative. Hot Summer afternoons on a river or cool late Winter days on a farm pond; catching bass is always fun.

We’ve taken a good bit of inspiration from one pond in particular. Princeton Pond, in Upstate South Carolina is a unique place. It’s a bigger pond for Upstate South Carolina and just below it is another smaller pond that really feels like a big open swamp. Both bodies of water are loaded with big green Largemouth Bass and fat Bream. These ponds have been maintained and fished for years by people who really care about catching big bass.

My good friend John, whose family farm contains the ponds, has included me on fishing trips down to Princeton for many years. We’ve had some spectacular days on the water together and a few where the fish were slow to feed and hard to find. We decided it might be a good idea to start documenting the fish we catch along with the lure we used and the time of year and weather. We will try and post frequently with pictures and stories from great days on a great pond. We might even post about other ponds we fish and we welcome feedback and tips.

Sunday was cloudy and the water in both ponds was muddy and cold. We've had tons of rain the last few weeks and expectations were low for a chilly afternoon in the swamp. We fished chatter baits, long worms, flukes, and crawdads. It wasn't until I tried a dark black tadpole that I started catching fish. The bite was super slow and every hit was sluggish. We finished the day with 9 fish, none over 4 lbs. Spring can't get here soon enough.

We hope you enjoy these reports. Farm pond fishing is a great way to relax and enjoy time with good friends. Look for the first 8lb fish report soon!



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