Quartz Movement Watches: Powered By The Earth

H Goose says our quartz battery powered Saluda Field Watch is ready for adventureThere’s more to an H. Goose’s Saluda Field Watch than its adventurous story and versatile appearance. Like the powerful engine under the hood of a Talladega champion, the secret of a high-quality watch lies in its mechanical center, called the movement. And the secret of the Saluda Field Watch is that its movement is powered by the earth itself, specifically, by the mineral quartz.  

Why Quartz?

Quartz is one of the earth’s most common minerals. Composed of silica and oxygen, it yields high energy when placed under mechanical stress. This trait, combined with the mineral’s sheer abundance, makes it ideal for powering small devices.  

How Quartz Movement Watches Work

Your H. Goose watch is more than just a fashion accessory. When a quartz movement watch like our Saluda Field Watch is made, a tiny quartz crystal is integrated into the watch and connected to the battery circuit. This small crystal will oscillate at the perfect frequency for as long as the battery is connected or charged, allowing the device to be extremely accurate throughout its full lifetime. Our quartz movement watch is accurate within 10 seconds per month!  

Quartz vs. Mechanical

It’s very easy to distinguish the difference between a watch with a mechanical movement and a quartz movement watch. If you watch the long thin seconds hand of an H. Goose watch face as it counts the seconds, you’ll see it ticks from one point to the next. This individual ticking motion is a result of the quartz crystal oscillating behind the watch’s face. On a mechanical watch, you’ll notice the second hand moves in a continuous motion, with a series of very small, almost imperceptible, ticks. Unlike a quartz movement watch, a mechanical watch draws its energy from a wound spring that eventually loses momentum. The wearer may have to wind the watch up from time to time, unless it is a “self winding” or automatic mechanical watch, in which case the movement is powered by the wearer’s movement.   

The Advantages of Quartz

Accuracy is only one important advantage of quartz movement watches. Fewer moving parts and small quartz crystals rather than springs mean that a quartz watch can be much slimmer than a mechanical one, and the only maintenance required is an occasional battery change. That’s why you’ll notice that our slim, durable watches rest so perfectly on your wrist and function as well in the boardroom as they do on a weekend fishing trip.   

You need a watch that’s ready for adventure, and with our quartz battery-powered Saluda Field Watch, that’s exactly what you get!

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