The Mutt: An Update And Some History

We haven't posted much about our truck in a while but we did just put an old picture on Instagram and alluded to it being broken down. This is not true. The Mutt is running fine. These pictures are from the fast few days. If you don't believe us, hang out in the general 29607/29605/29601 zip code region for long enough and you'll hear it before you see it. 

Somewhere in South Carolina, May 2020

I had a bunch of people ask where that picture we recently posted on Instagram was taken. We can't reveal stuff like that because it would jeopardize what we have going on but it did remind me of a fun story about the Mutt. So here you go, your Spring '20 Mutt update is right here. In short, it is not broken down, in fact it is running fine. It has broken down before though, and it was pretty bad. Here's some backstory on the truck and the first week that we owned it. 

May 2020

In the Summer of 2018 John Pellett and I were snooping around Craigslist looking for interesting vehicles. We came across an ad for a '78 Ford F100 with a GM V8, some rust. Intriguing... The pictures were pretty bad but the price was mostly right so we called the number and turns out the guy selling it was a shop teacher at a tech school in Asheville, NC. He had been using the truck to teach his students how to wrench on cars for the last few years and had decided it was time to move to a different project. At the time I had a Summer intern who had a truck capable of towing so I made him drive me to Asheville with a trailer to check this rusty blue rig out. It poured rain the whole day but the truck was too awesome, bought it on the spot.

The day we bought the Mutt. July 2018.

Fast forward a few days and John and I were really getting used to the go pedal on this thing. The truck was stupid fast, didn't have great brakes, and the tires weren't big enough to hook up under even modest throttle. So we did what anyone would do, we horsed the shit out of it. We whipped that thing all over Greenville County. It didn't have mufflers when we got it so we had to drive it with ear plugs in but we didn't care. It did what a motor swapped rust bucket is supposed to do, put huge smiles on our faces and made us smell like gasoline. 

GM 6.0 LQ9

One afternoon we were on our way to a friend's house in the upper part of the county when the truck started making a loud clanging noise. It felt like the back of the truck was trying to come apart and the noise kept getting louder. About a mile from our destination the noise was even louder than the headers dumping out into no exhaust pipes and finally the rear end gave out. Turns out the rear differential had been put together incorrectly and after a few days of us slamming the throttle and lighting up the tires, it gave up.

The day we blew up the rear end.

We towed the truck to our friend's house, then went and got the trailer and towed it again to a race shop near Greenville Pickens Speedway that specializes in building differentials for race cars. Duh. We were advised that the truck was a death trap and that we should at least have disc brakes put on it, so we did. Then we took it to a muffler shop and had some mild pipes installed so we could at least drive it without ear plugs. After that, we re-covered the bench seat with H. Goose olive canvas, had some decals made for the doors, and recommenced tearing ass around town. 

Not having to wear ear plus while driving, huge upgrade.

Goose chilling in the cab the day we recovered the bench seat. We also removed the stickers and added some rubber floor mats. There are license plates welded and riveted in the cab to cover rust holes.

The truck runs great, starts every time, gets negative MPG, smells bad, sounds awesome, and turns heads everywhere. We need to get the windshield wipers working and maybe add power steering at some point but otherwise, we're just gonna drive it like crazy. Honk if you see us around Greenville. We might show up in some more far flung locations too. Should probably look into a spare tire first.

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