The Mutt - Our Ford/Chevy Hybrid...but not that kind of hybrid.

A big part of why H. Goose exists is nostalgia. The early and middle parts of the 20th century were wonderful periods of innovation for sportsmen. From the horror of both world wars came a huge number of technologies that would prove useful in the field. Whether it was watches designed to withstand trench warfare being re-purposed in the sporting field or heavy canvas and wool issued uniforms being used for farm work, things men carried in battle often found new and important uses back home.
My great grandfather JB Ely, a doctor from East Tennessee, served in Europe during World War II. By chance he grabbed the wrong duffel getting off a ship at Normandy and he wound up with a Naval Officer’s deck jacket. After the war he returned to Knoxville and continued practicing medicine and raising horses. That jacket stayed with him (along with his M1 Carbine) for the rest of his life. It is now in my closet and too frayed and worn to keep wearing but I cherish it for what it represents; the best we had to offer at a critical moment in history. The heavy canvas outer shell is olive in color and stenciled with black ink and the liner is a fake brown fur that prickles your neck and holds the jacket snug against your shirt. What might that jacket be like if it were made from the same types of materials today? What would we do differently? What might we keep the same?
These questions get at the heart of why H. Goose exists. We’re obsessed with these iconic mid 20th century military inspired designs and we want modern examples that are just a touch better. Maybe a touch more durable or a bit better fitting (hint hint...rugged outerwear coming soon), maybe they perform better in the rain or last longer but the heritage is there and that matters.
That sense of nostalgia is also why we love the Mutt. Our old blue Ford is more than just a classic short-bed pickup with a great patina. Under the hood is a modern drive-train pulled from a 21st century Chevrolet Tahoe. Some folks might not like the whole Ford/Chevy mashup but that’s beside the point. This great truck, a wonderful relic of bygone years, lives on with some serious upgrades. For you hot rod nerds, this beast packs a Texas Speed cam, custom headers, 3.73 gears, gaping (and loud) side pipes, and full disc brakes. And it retains its well earned and beautiful patina. It’s a great shop truck, it’s a blast to run errands in, it cranks right up every time, and it’s a fun way to tell people about our brand.
Everything we do is tinged with the past but also focused on right now. You don’t need the most modern and up-to-date 4 wheel drive monster to enjoy a beautiful back road and you don’t need a high performance synthetic rain shield every time you go out on a soggy day. But we also want to enjoy the time we have with friends and family and we want to do it in style. H. Goose is committed to creating products that will remind you of the past while not letting you down today. We love durable water repellent canvas and accurate quartz watch movements…we just think they go great with traditional sanforized flannel and military inspired luminous watch dials. We hope you’ll continue to celebrate our sporting past with us each and every day.

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