What Harris Wears When He Doesn't Wear H. Goose (Which Is Rare)

I sometimes get asked what other watches I wear besides H. Goose stuff. I have a bunch of watches. Some are special because of who gave them to me or because I wore them on a particular adventure or during an interesting or challenging period of my career. Others I just thought were neat enough to pick up.

There are two though that I consider to be really great watches. These two I wear more than anything else except my own designs. 

The first is a 1940's Waltham tank watch. It has a gold filled case and has to be manually wound every morning to keep running. It has this really neat curved acrylic crystal and a sub seconds dial. This watch is super delicate and I really only wear it when there is no chance I'll be going near water or out in the rain. Waltham was a great American watch company that no longer exists but these old watches can be found for fairly reasonable prices. I got this one at Scott's Flea Market in Atlanta for 40$!

The second is an Armida A2 dive watch. This is a relatively new watch made by a company in Hong Kong. I believe some of the best watch components in the world are being made in Hong Kong and the microbrand divers coming out of there over the last few years are incredible. They're incredible not only in functionality but also in their value. This is a $400 watch that performs as well as many watches costing many times more. This one has a Miyota 9015 automatic mechanical movement, a big thick sapphire crystal and ultra bright lume. The bracelet is top notch and can be micro adjusted to fit just about any wrist. It also came with a high end rubber strap but I always wear it with the bracelet. This is the watch to wear if you're going to spend some heavy time on the water. By on the water I really mean in the water. The A2 has a depth rating of 500 meters and can really take a beating. I don't wear this watch enough but it hints at what's to come for H. Goose. Maybe swap the mechanical movement for something solar or battery powered and install a domed crystal...we'll see.

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