Why Wearing a Watch Matters

H Goose says wearing a watch still matters today.In a world where telling the time is as easy as pulling out your smartphone, you might wonder why people bother wearing military-style watches in the first place, let alone an analog version. But the watch you choose to wear, or not wear, can tell more about your character than you might think. And believe it or not, the subtle nuances of wearing a watch can affect not just how you tell time, but how you are seen, what professional opportunities you get offered, how quickly you accomplish your work, and more.  

Stay Timely

Everything we use in life is becoming sleeker, slimmer and more streamlined, from cars and computers to suits, slacks, and even shorts. The real estate we use to compartmentalize our stuff is getting smaller, which is what makes watches so indispensable. A quick flick of the wrist, and you’ve beaten everyone else in the room trying to fumble with passcodes and flimsy phone cases.   

Impress Employers

Keeping track of the time is essential during job interviews and important meetings. Subtly checking the time on a watch is a smooth gesture that can denote your interest in being punctual, while checking your phone for the time makes you seem distracted or disinterested. It’s definitely not the impression you want to leave on anyone who holds the future of your career in their hands.  

Accentuate Your Style

Not every reason needs to be lofty and world-changing. Watches just look good on people, especially well-made timepieces that reflect individual taste. Not only can a nice watch elevate your style, there are hundreds of ways to customize watches that just aren’t as noticeable on a phone. Military-style watches like the Saluda Field Watch are widely known for offering this level of customization, and durable NATO straps come in a wide range of colors that can be swapped out with ease to complement a change in outfit. Guaranteed it’ll turn far more heads than any mobile wallpaper could.  

Time Has Value

We have a limited amount of hours in each day, which makes it vital to assign value to your time. Watches do that. When you look at a watch, you can only focus on the time, which makes you more mindful of the time you’re spending, and what you’re spending it on. Your phone will distract you from the important tasks on your schedule and drain your valuable relaxation hours one app at a time. Watches help ensure that whatever you do, it’s worth the time.

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