Wrist Presence: Why Your Watch Size Matters

H Goose says choosing the right watch is about your style and your lifestyle.You see the term “wrist presence” often about watches. But what does it mean? And does it really matter? Wrist presence is knowing watches are made to be worn by people and not just for display in shop windows or ads. A watch and its wearer work together, with a watch subtly fitting into a person’s style, and their lifestyle too.

Size Matters

Watch sizes play a role in this, of course. At different points in time there have been major variations in sizes. In the not-too-distant past, Super large men’s watches have been so large they landed somewhere between a “bold” and a “why-is-he-carrying-a-dinner-plate-on-his-arm?” look.

Women’s watches can be so dainty they cling to the outdated notion ladies spend their day doing needlework. But modern men and women work hard and enjoy life. Their day may include corporate meetings followed by time spent with friends watching the game. Weekends mean family time, church time and time for their favorite pursuits. They need a watch that works. A watch with a wrist presence that matches their needs, no matter where they find themselves.

The Language of Size

Discussion about watch sizes usually involves a prominent measurement in millimeters (mm). This measurement refers to the diameter of the face, including the bezel that sits around the face and is part of the watch case.    For men’s watches, the range is usually between 34mm and 50mm, although most don’t get any larger than the 44mm mark, unless we’re talking serious sports watches. Women’s watches are generally somewhere between 24mm and 35mm.

But while these details are useful to know, wrist presence is about more than size. Watches need to be suitable for all of life’s environments, from a quick check of the watch in the boardroom to keeping track of time out in the wilds during a weekend camping trip.

That “quick check” in the boardroom could be you seeing if the meeting is running late, or it could be a colleague quietly conducting a “quick check” to see if your watch is better than theirs.

That weekend spent on a camping trip could end with dinner and drinks, where your watch still needs the right presence. If it were a person, it would be the guest at the party who everyone wants to meet.

The H. Goose Saluda Field Watch is designed to be worn in all environments, all the time. To be both rugged and elegant. It brings to mind mid-20th century field watches, when civilian watches tended toward the more graceful end of the scale even as they were influenced by practical, durable and easy-to-read military watches.

A good watch lasts a lifetime, and for our money, the Southern born and bred Saluda Field Watch offers you everything you could desire and a little more with its wrist presence.

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