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About Us

In 2012, H. Goose Watches founder, Harris Quinn, and a long-time friend embarked on a 12-day excursion down the Saluda River and across South Carolina in an orange plastic canoe. As can be expected during a canoe ride that long, lessons were learned: pack light, trust your gut, and get better gear. Harris had seen first-hand how his presumably tough equipment stood up to a real beating on this trip, and he wasn’t satisfied. Among other things, he needed a tough, functional field watch to stand up to the elements. But he also wanted a watch that could be worn every day and in more formal surroundings. He’d been through watches claiming to be the best of both worlds, but they always came up short. So he took building the perfect field watch into his own hands.

H. Goose is Born

Goose, the rat terrier dog namesake for the company

With a desire to deliver customers the best bang for their buck, Harris borrowed a little energy and his company name from his loyal dog, Goose, and began tinkering. He experimented with different types of glass and crystal, swapped movements and hands, and searched extensively for band material tough as nails yet sleek enough to wear in a formal setting. The result was an instant classic: an heirloom-worthy timepiece that won’t break the bank. A stainless steel case with integrated crown guards and Swiss components make it a warhorse, while understated bands and a bold 24 hour dial keep the wearer happy-hour ready.


If necessity is the mother of invention, then adventure is its father. Even if your journey doesn’t involve an orange plastic canoe, owning a timepiece from H. Goose Watches provides you with adventure-tested, military inspired, classic style.SaveSave